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Funds, Grants & Support

Investment and Fundraising

Dreams are not built on lofty ideas, nor can it survive without money. The pre-revenue stage or described at the “valley of death” are often a tough time for startups. Without a proven track record, it is difficult to for investors to identify market potentials. Moreover, the complicated and tedious process in getting grants makes it difficult for cash strapped startups.

Here at Ripple2wave, we understand this and realize the importance of investment and funding raising for startups. Utilizing our ecosystem of venture capitalists, water utilities, government agencies as well as a network of international corporates and individuals, we seek to provide investment opportunities for each of our incubatees. Coupled alongside our own seed funding, we look to provide startups the means for development.

Going beyond, we also provide our incubatees with market research and analytics to explore opportunities and understand their short comings.

Grants Application

AMP Program  $50k Grant

R2Wi has been appointed as a Startup SG (SSG) Founder Accredited Mentor Partner by EnterpriseSG to support early-stage startups for the Startup SG Founder grant.  Startup SG Founder supports businesses with strong differentiation, feasible business models, good market potential and a strong management team. It provides up to S$50,000 in grants on a 5:2 co-matching ratio i.e. to receive the maximum S$50,000 grant, the applicant(s) need to match at least S$20,000

EnterpriseSG EDG Grant 

At R2WI, we specialize in providing consulting services tailored for the EnterpriseSG Enterprise Development Grant (EDG). Unlock your business's true potential with this, transformative grant that supports upgrading, innovation, growth, and business transformation. The grant covers various qualifying project costs, including third-party consultancy fees, software and equipment and internal manpower expenses. Explore EDG opportunities across three categories:

1. Core Capabilities

Strengthen your business foundations to prepare for growth and transformation.

  • Business Strategy Development

  • Financial Management

  • Human Capital Development

  • Service Excellence

  • Strategic Brand and Marketing Development

2.  Innovation & Productivity

Transform your business through innovation, optimized resource usage, and improved performance

  • Automation

  • Process Redesign

  • Product Development

3.  Market Access

Expand your business into overseas markets with support for venturing abroad.

  • Pilot Project and Test Bedding

  • Standards Adoption

Let R2WI be your trusted guide through the EDG application process, as we help you unlock the potential of your business and pave the way for a successful future. 



R2Wi provides access to partners' memberships and programmes to support the growth of incubatees. 

The Environmental & Water Technology Centre of Innovation (EWTCOI) is a dedicated centre that aims to partner with strategic industry sectors in applied R&D and consultancy projects to translate ideas into practical solutions or innovations for a sustainable environment.

EWTCOI serves to bridge a gap in the industry whereby Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who seek practical and market-driven technology solutions can tap on the Centre’s expertise and resources in the four major areas of Water Technology, Sustainable Materials Technology, Energy Efficiency Technology and Membrane Technology.

SG-MEM Logo_no bg.png

SG MEM specializes in fostering collaborations and partnerships for cutting-edge membrane based technologies. Leveraging Singapore's world-class research capabilities, dedicated translation, and test-bedding expertise, SG MEM accelerates the development of industry-relevant technologies and innovations. Their unique end-to-end ecosystem model bridges the gap between industrial partners and research institutions, driving the advancement of clean and sustainable solutions across various sectors.

While traditionally prominent in the water industry for its cost-effectiveness and efficiency, membrane technology now extends its benefits to the energy, pharmaceutical, biomedical, food and beverage, and environmental sectors, aligning with SG MEM's ultimate goal of creating a better life through continuous innovation.

A*STAR OTR Programme

The OTR Programme is designed to help businesses create a strategic growth plan to increase long-term profit. The programme includes two phases for enterprises, as well as a separate programme for consortiums and trade agencies. 


In this 5 half-day workshop series, facilitators will guide participants through a structured format to discover a new outlook of the business environment in their industry. Participants will   learn how to capitalize on technology to gain a competitive advantage.

Every successful strategy needs a strong implementation plan. In this phase, participants will engage in a deep dive evaluation and implementation process. This includes a market analysis report, patent landscape report, and feasibility study.


The Consortium OTR programme is tailored to groups of companies within the same sector or industry. This programme provides tools to deepen partnerships and foster pervasive innovation. Participants will map out the general trend and direction for an industry aligned to the ITMs, identify both short-term and long-term industry needs, and kick-start projects or research programs to uplift the sector.


The OTR Programme offers a structured and effective approach to building a technology roadmap for enterprises and consortiums/trade agencies, leading to sustainable business growth and success.

A*STAR ACCM Platform

The A*STAR ACCM platform is a hub for enterprises to engage, learn, and collaborate towards developing unique commercial solutions and exploring new business opportunities. The platform provides a complimentary space for networking, learning, and collaborating, aiming to enrich the innovation ecosystem. Join the platform to unlock the potential for co-innovation and business growth.

A*STAR Tech Access

Tech Access is a consultancy service that provides access to advanced manufacturing and biotech/biomedical equipment and expertise. Their team of technical experts offers user training and guidance to help businesses make informed equipment investment decisions, reducing upfront risk and capital expenditure. Tech Access provides access to a comprehensive suite of equipment designed for prototyping, testing new applications, and discovering and experimenting with new technologies. Eligible SMEs can apply for up to an 80% grant from Enterprise Singapore to offset qualifying costs.

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