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3E Memtech logo

3E Memtech: Chlorine- and Fouling-Resistant Hollow-fibre Nanofiltration

3E Memtech has developed a one-step casted hollow fiber nanofiltration membrane that is resistant to fouling and chlorine, i.e. offering higher flux and a longer useful lifetime at same cleaning regimes.

Aerolion Technologies logo

Aerolion: Industrial UAV Services, Smart Solutions Through Smart Drones

Specialises in outdoor and indoor environments, Aerolion provides industry-leading drone inspection, survey & mapping using their cutting-edge Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platforms. With their in-house hardware and software, Aerolion provides customised solutions such as aerial imagery, aerial surveying, a complete UAV platform or just a UAV module for Buildings, Tunnels, Warehouses, Terrain and more.

BacSense logo

BacSense: Detecting Bacterial Contamination Rapidly with Microbial Sensors

BacSense has developed a rapid microbial sensor that can shorten the one-day long conventional microbial detection to less than six hours. It addresses the rapidly growing demand for a faster detection method to ensure safety in the water and food & beverage industries.

Biopsin logo

Biopsin: Revolutionary Biosensor Device for Rapid Microbial Diagnostic Solution

Biopsin’s customisable biosensor devices detect pathogens in almost real-time and provide quantitative results. Next to its outstanding sensitivity, the rapid method delivers insights in less than 6 hours. Biopsin is a graduate from EF (Entrepreneur First), and awardee of a Temasek Ecosperity Grant.

CBE Chemicals logo

CBE Chemicals: Turning Waste Materials to Activated Carbon

CBE Chemicals is an NUS spin-off. Their patented process converts waste carbon usually disposed by refineries at high cost to activated carbon. The material can be used in wastewater treatment and energy storage enabling a circular approach for the refinery industry.

Datakrew logo

DataKrew: Secure Digital Monitoring, Automation, and Diagnostics of Water Systems

DataKrew is a deep technology startup with strong roots in IoT, AI and data security. A spin-off from NTU Singapore, they provide an adaptable, customizable, and scalable IoT platform (MADS – Monitoring, Automation, Diagnostics and Security) and an IoT Gateway and Node (ITUS) enhanced with Quantum Security and Edge Analytics for secure data transfer.

Fluidlytix logo

Fluidlytix: Intelligent Water Management Solutions via Valve and IoT

Fluidlytix has developed a patented pressure-reducing and compressible-flow valve which creates an “air-free” environment by regulating water pressure and reducing the water system’s air volume. The FluidLytix WAVE™ generates savings on the water utility cost by an average of 30% and saves water usage up to 9%.

Ioni Water Logo.png

Ioni Water: Safe Water Supply Solutions for Urban Communities

Ioni Water has developed a smart IoT connected community water kiosk with real time water quality monitoring system, providing convenience and quality assurance to urban communities that face difficulties in accessing safe drinking water.


NexusBit Integral: Contactless Water Quality Sensor

Remote sensors developed by NexusBit Integral use hyperspectral imaging technology to provide timely and contactless measurements of water quality parameters for open water bodies. The contactless measurement method greatly reduces on-site maintenance expenditure as compared to online probe sensors.


NM3 Tech: Rapid Online Microbial Monitoring System

NM3 Tech is focused on developing rapid online sensors for bacteria, virus and micro-invertebrates monitoring in drinking water using lab-on-a-chip technology. Their solutions address the need for faster detection of microbes that pose a risk to public health, so that preventive measures can be taken.

Oleum Levo logo

Oleum Levo: Robust and Environmentally Sustainable Solutions to Oily Wastewater Problems

A spin-off from NUS Singapore, Oleum Levo deploys innovative and specially designed membrane technology to effectively separate oil from water. Their membrane is capable of tolerating high concentration of oil in wastewater and is a patented technology in Singapore and the United States.


REOMEx Technologies: Holistic Condition Monitoring of Electric Motors

REOMEx Technologies is an NUS spin-off. Their motor condition monitoring system detects various electrical and mechanical anomalies of a motor at an early stage and alerts the users to prevent unexpected downtime losses. The system also provides maintenance recommendations to reduce the operational cost and maximize the operating life of motors.


SGLAB: Transforming Business with Wide-Area Wireless Technology and IoT

SGLAB has developed an end-to-end ultra low power Artificial-Intelligence-of-Things (AIoT) solution for challenging environments. The technology provides optimal wide area connectivity using self-powered nodes and gateways for enabling IoT in remote locations with proven applications in the water and agriculture sectors. 

SideStroem: Efficient Resource Recovery in Industrial Water Treatment Systems using Forward Osmosis

Applying advanced separation technologies in industrial wastewater treatment and industrial processes to decrease costs through energy savings combined with the increased recovery of water & valuable solute side streams.


SOLV8: Recovering high-purity solvents with high separation efficiency

Solv8 is a spin-off from NUS, with a vision to achieve sustainable and energy-efficient solvent separations for edible oil, oleochemical and pharmaceutical industries using a novel membrane technology. The membranes offer 10x higher impurity rejection and 10x higher energy efficiency than other competing  technologies, leading to significant cost savings for customers. 

SpaceAge Labs logo

SpaceAge Labs: IOT Platform to Revolutionise Operations & Maintenance of Remote & Distributed Assets

SpaceAge Labs provides cutting edge remote monitoring and IoT solutions combining hardware, low power wireless connectivity and advanced software that helps operations and maintenance teams increase uptime, reduce costs and improve safety.

TeamSolve: Conversational AI-based Knowledge Companion for Delivering Focused Insights

TeamSolve is building Lily®, a digital knowledge companion for the workforce, that employs conversational AI to ingest tacit knowledge and deliver focused insights – based on who is asking and in what context it is being asked. Lily® enhances the skills and productivity of employees, thus accelerating the digital transformation by enabling a future-ready, hybrid workforce. 

Teredo Analytics logo

Teredo: Illuminating Pipeline Prognosis through Smart Data Collection and Data Analytics

A spin-off from NUS Singapore, Teredo offers an easy-to-deploy, accurate and cost-efficient in-line pipe inspection process with a smart device capable of collecting a plethora of pipeline data for meaningful and timely prognosis of pipeline networks

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