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Incubation Initiatives

Local and International Expansion

Here at Ripple2wave we perceive international expansion as the next step in unlocking your company’s potential. Utilizing our ecosystem surrounding Asia, we seek to deliver opportunities in the form of pilots and projects by working alongside demand drivers. With market channels in China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and growing, we will work to our best ability to deliver a favorable outcome.

However, we understand that expanding internationally can be a nightmare with troubles such as increased logistics, competition, financial risks, legal and regulatory requirements and many more. 

Supported by a team of advisor and management consultants, we provide market access research, strategy and programs, legal and regulatory advice and training and grant sourcing to reduce the risks and uncertainties that entrepreneurs face when making the next step.

Meeting Mentors

Mentorship is crucial for early-stage startups as it provides invaluable guidance, expertise, and support, helping founders navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and accelerate their business growth. We at Ripple2wave are dedicated to empowering our incubatees with an innovative and equitable mentorship platform that drives meaningful growth for both mentors and mentees. We aspire to see every mentor and mentee thriving, filled with pride for their journey with us, and attaining successful results, making our ultimate objective a reality

1. Water Tech Startup Specific Know How

2. Go-to-Market 

3. Link to 
Global Markets

4. Capital Access

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