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Ripple2wave Startup Spotlight # 1, REOMEx Technologies: Condition monitoring of electrical motors

REOMEx Technologies is a deeptech startup based in Singapore. It is a spin-off from NUS Graduate Research Innovation Programme (GRIP) and was founded in 2020. REOMEx offers a digital condition monitoring solution for heavy duty induction motors used for pumps and other industrial applications.

The vision of REOMEx Technologies is to reduce equipment operation and maintenance expenditure, thereby reducing the carbon footprint and providing return on investment (ROI) as early as possible. Their unique, single, and holistic monitoring system with proprietary technology detects various electrical and mechanical anomalies of a motor at an early stage using robust machine learning algorithms and sends alerts to the end user. This novel multi-signatures-based approach provides recommendation for maintenance based on electrical power losses, thereby reducing the operational cost and maximizing the operating life of a motor.

REOMEx’s system is 30% more sensitive than conventional solutions in the market and can help to reduce repair work cost by 20- 30%. The sensors are non invasive and can easily be integrated without the need for a shut down. REOMEx has completed four different pilot trials in water treatment plants, chiller plant and quay cranes and have successfully detected anomalies such as imbalance, structural looseness, and misalignments.

The technology was developed over a 5 year period under the Sembcorp-NUS Corporate Laboratory, a $60 million research programme jointly funded by National Research Foundation (NRF), Sembcorp and NUS. REOMEx’s founder has nearly six years of experience in signal processing, and condition monitoring of electrical machines. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the National University of Singapore.

With a solid product and an attractive value proposition, REOMEx aims to bring their solutions to more clients in the APAC region.

To find out more about REOMEx Technologies, please contact

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